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Rachel 1 day ago

Street Corn Nacho

I never thought I'd meet the lovechild of my two most favorite things in this entire world- street corn and nachos. Then one day, Taco Lu blessed me with the Street Corn Nachos and I nearly lost my mind. My friend and I ordered them to share and when the plate landed on the table I saw red (yellow?) and literally inhaled the entire thing. This stuff is amazing. Once you start you can't stop. The flavors were made to go together. You have to try it before the restaurant realizes how dangerous it is to have this on the menu and removes it for public safety. Order it now!!!!!

Mariamayo1717 2 days ago

The $10 Taco

Best taco place in jax!! I absolutely LOVE the $10 taco and the green rice. I could eat those everyday forever!

Mitch 4 days ago

Bangin' Dilla (Say It Dee-Ya)

There's no place better, imo.

Rachel 4 days ago

The $10 Taco

Sooo good! One of my favs!

Huntermaston 5 days ago

Mexican Street Corn

The Mexican street corn is the reason we keep coming back! We discovered it when we started at UNF and we are constantly here past graduation. Tacolu is our Valentine's Day spot, we have been here 4 years in a row to celebrate our love with some corn & tacos :) we appreciate everything you guys always do, it is always delicious!

Gsiemion7 6 days ago

Cheeseburger Taco

I thought I would get out of my comfort zone and try something new. The cheeseburger taco is delicious with so many different flavors. I'm not a bread eater so the fact it was in a taco shell made it so appealing.

Millscgrace 6 days ago

The $10 Taco

TacoLu is always a favorite in my family. Today we tried out TacoLu's takeaway service, which was convenient, accurate, and despite being to-go, still delicioussss. We love what TacoLu does for the community and will continue to support them through this new, uncharted territory.

Jbarklund23 8 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

This taco is hands down a staple in my diet now and I can't get enough of it. I hope I never move out of Jacksonville so I can eat this taco forever. Delicious flavors and fresh taste!

Nicole 9 days ago

The $10 Taco

100% getting me through the quarantine! My favorite!

Hausman22 9 days ago

Black & Bleu

Talk about flavor!!! This taco is one of Lu's best, and that is saying something. An unbelievable combination of savory beef and bleu cheese flavors makes this specialty a must-order item for any meal!

Ecook529 11 days ago

Vegan Cheese Dilla

As a Vegan, I was so happy to come here and see there's a separate Vegan Menu with a bunch of great options! I've never been able to get a Vegan Quesadilla at a restaurant before so I was very happy. Fun vibe and decorations too!

Redd642531 13 days ago

Bangin' Dilla (Say It Dee-Ya)

I'm one of those people who isn't afraid of ordering sitterernt things, but the Bangin Dilla was the first dish I had and I don't think I've ever gotten another dish there despite everyone saying how awesome everything is. Best quesadilla ever.

Leannesammartino 14 days ago

El Explosivo

After finishing this quesadilla I decided that if this was my final meal on death row, I would be cool with that. I would ask for extra sauce on the side because it's just that addicting...

Lauren 19 days ago


THE best queso everrrr I get cravings for Bangin Shrimp tacos and Queso at least once a month...

Mchapdelaine 19 days ago

Mexican Street Corn

I was visiting my son recently and he brought me to your establishment. He raves about all of your food especially the Mexican street corn. Being from New England, my corn typically is on the cob with butter and salt. Out comes a bowl of corn with cheese on it and they dive into it. It was amazing! Now I'm back in New England and going to attempt to make it myself. Your restaurant has great food, atmosphere and wait staff. I will definitely go back when I'm in Jacksonville again. Thank you Tacolu! Marcia from New Hampshire

Jrevelle 23 days ago

Mexican Street Corn

Fantastic flavors and authentic taste!

Brittanygard 23 days ago

The Carne Royale

Best taco in Jax!

Brownmaddie11 25 days ago

Carne Asada

I love taco lu so much!! My boyfriend has to drive to Jacksonville here and there and I make him bring it home everytime!!

Suzannegerrety 27 days ago

El NachoLu

These Nachos are Amazing! I ordered them for myself as an entree and was overwhelmed by how much food there was. I added the carnitas (which was super tender) and was able to fill up myself as well as share the deliciousness with the entire table. Yum, Yum, Yum!!!

Lauren 29 days ago

Henry's Queso

This is what queso is all about. The queso, street corn, black beans, and jalapeños compliment each other so well and I don't know a better way to start your meal at TacoLu.

Swatjr 1 day ago

The Carne Royale

This taco deserves at least 2 Michelin stars. It's perfect.

Mandcmark 3 days ago

Street Corn Nacho

First, although this is a review for the street corn nachos, let me start by saying I have never had any item from TacoLu that wasn't delicious. Recently, I tried the street corn nachos for the first time and I am hooked! The corn is perfectly grilled, the queso and different cheeses used, with the perfect amount of cilantro, makes it to die for. I prefer to hold the peppers, but once I forgot to request they not be added and I still wasn't disappointed. There is nothing on the menu that you can go wrong with, but give the street corn nachos a try and I am sure you will come back for more!

Graceg723 4 days ago

Blackened Scallop

One of the best combinations of amazing flavors!

Huntermaston 5 days ago

Carne Asada

This is the best taco in my opinion! The steak is always cooked to perfection. You have to try the carne asada if you come here!

Justine 5 days ago

Bangin' Dilla (Say It Dee-Ya)

Always a favorite! I add corn to it and it's the perfect combo of melty sweet & spicy, the kind of food you dream of!

Skizzzot 6 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

My family loves this place. We eat here all the time. The staff is always so friendly and the food is always delicious. Thank you so much for being around to take care of us.

Adamfelts85 6 days ago

The Spicy Bird

Best taco on the menu in my opinion. My wife and I eat here twice a week!

Hollygroseth 9 days ago

Blackened Mahi

You can't go wrong with this taco! The fish is always fresh and tender (and a generous portion) with crunchy cabbage and a yummy salsa that is fruity, creamy, and spicy which will send your taste buds for a wild ride! This taco along with the Carne Royale (carne asada, Brie cheese, and grape salsa...another delightful experience for the taste buds!) are my 2 favorite tacos and I get them every time!

Hausman22 9 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

The tangy crunch and savory flavors of fresh battered shrimp is one of the main reasons we visit the Lu every month!

Samh123b 10 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

With the apocalypse looming on the horizon and all my self dignity lost after running out of TP 3 days ago you, TacoLu, emerge as King/Queen of the beaches. In what closely resembled my remaining days with my ex you have rescued me and I'm sure many others during these tumultuous times. -Sam

Critsema 13 days ago


First, it doesn't matter what you order from TacoLu its all amazing! Second, The latest taco I tried was the Brisket Taco, but made it "Philly" style. Can I just say it has become one of my new favorites and will be a must order every time I visit.

Puggermom1213 14 days ago

Blackened Scallop

When my daughter moved to the beach years ago she told us about Taco Lu. We actually started going when the restaurant was in the original location. The wait was always a little long but MAN WAS IT WORTH THE WAIT! We love the salsa, tacos and yes the margaritas are some of the best. Now it's moved to the old Homestead restaurant and it is still as good if not better. We are LIFE LONG TACO LU LOVERS. Yummy in my tummy!!

Hope9865 18 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

delicious and I get them every time I come

Phillypride 19 days ago

The $10 Taco

I get 3 $10 tacos. They're always delicious and they go great with Deer and a Beer

Msmith2401 22 days ago

Blackened Mahi

This is my favorite taco ever!! The mango salsa pairs perfectly with the mahi. It is absolutely delicious!

Jrevelle 23 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

Fantastic asian flavors and fresh tasting ingredients!

Relianceak 24 days ago


The BEST flan we have ever had! We be back!

Larakaseer 27 days ago

Carne Asada

I love love this dish!

Newcreation71 28 days ago

Cheeseburger Taco

so great very tasty

Lauren 29 days ago


Best taco hands down! The flavors and textures are perfect together.


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