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Ericalee2886 4 days ago

Black & Bleu

I've tried many things on the menu, over the course of my 4 visits while I was in the area. This was the most surprising & oh so good. Hands down the best most delicious tacos, etc I've ever had the pleasure of trying. Mexican street corn, tacos, tequila. My happy place. The vibe there is great, love the energy and all the decor. You guys rock 😍🤘

Paigecnusynowitz 8 days ago

The Spicy Bird

The spicy bird is my favorite taco of all time!! It is so flavorful, I love it. Tacolu is the best mexican food in Jax!

Tyreobrad 9 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

My first time coming to TacoLu I tried the Bangin' Shrimp taco along side two others. The Bangin Shrimp taco was so bomb/good I ordered a 4th taco asking for the Bangin Shrimp again. I was completely sold on Taco Lu. & have been telling everyone to go to TacoLu and try the Bangin Shrimp taco. I've even came back with family and friends because I needed them to understand my excitement for how good the tacos are. Seriously can't believe it took me as long as it did to discover TacoLu but I'm glad I did.

Angelaatkins 12 days ago


This is my favorite taco! Every time I order it, it is the same: fresh, seasoned well and very yummy. The salmon is cooked perfectly and the spinach adds just the right balance!

Amy 13 days ago

Avocado Taco

Avocado Taco Oh My! Everything yummy in one item! And healthy fat (aka avocado!) is GOOD fat. So I order 2!🌮🌮 Fresh and so flavorful! (Even better with a Double Barrel Margarita!🍸❤️)

Kayelimcc24 16 days ago

Black & Bleu

Had my engagement dinner here because we had our first date here! Their food is so good, the atmosphere is so fun and the drinks are delicious ! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. 20 people in our party and the staff were more than accommodating and not a single unsatisfied guest! Good job TACOLU!!

Nthaxton1994 19 days ago

Flyin' Hawaiian

Flavor bomb!! Delicious fruit salsa

Kates224 20 days ago

The Carne Royale

This taco is MAGIC in your mouth!!!! All the ingredients are so complementary. The bang bang shrimp taco is awesome. To be honest I love most of the tacos on their menu but those 2 are my staples. The skinny saint is my favorite margarita there. This place is probably my favorite restaurant in town. I love Lu's!!!!

Bryantballew 23 days ago

Bangin' Tempeh

Anything bangin'' tempeh here is the absolute best! We order the bangin' tempeh tacos every time we come and aren't sick of them after ten years. I've never had a better tempeh meal at a restaurant.

Icysi 24 days ago


The Carnitas and the banging shrimp are the best. Seriously, I'm obsessed. I want to eat here everyday. I've turned family, friends and coworkers on to this place and nobody ever has had any negatives to say! The food, the staff, the location, everything is just perfect !

Mlrasumoff 25 days ago

Bangin' Dilla (Say It Dee-Ya)

The only thing more delectable than Taco Lu's bangin shrimp, is their Bangin Dilla with their classic crunchy/spicy shrimp pressed with gooey cheese between a flour tortilla. If you're smart, you'll ask your waiter to add Mexican street corn in the Dilla to offset each cheesy, fiery bite with a little bit of fresh sweetness.

Aimeesiegel617 25 days ago

Mexican Street Corn

The best Mexican street corn I have ever tasted!

Carlin 25 days ago

Baja Fish Taco

TacoLu is one of my favorite places to dine, the atmosphere itself is worth the trip! Their menu is very diverse and nothing is boring or bland. You can't go wrong with tacos or their drinks.

Msl09c 27 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

Amazing! It's a bit spicy, but the cabbage balances it perfectly. It has the best crunch ratio to the shrimp.

Emilycoffeymain 27 days ago

The Don Patrol

Absolutely fabulous brunch item! As a vegetarian I get it without the meat, and it is still delicious! The hashbrowns, eggs, beans and cheese in a crunchy cheesy tortilla is so filling I always have leftovers. Once you've tried it you wont be embarrassed to admit youve have it twice in one weekend before!!

Bennettdecima 28 days ago

Cheeseburger Nacho

Really good Nachos best in town

Ddfricke 28 days ago

Chorizo and Eggs

LOVE the " Don Patrol" for brunch on weekends. Wish they served it everyday! Banging shrimp AMAZING, and Gluten free options for the kids! Our twin girls are celiac(gluten allergy), dairy, soy and egg allergies . Taco lu is one of the few places in jax that our entire family can order something off the menu! They bring GF chips , fresh quac., pulled pork and corn tortillas(best in town) for the girls! Very accommodating and we have NEVER had any allergic reactions in the 5 years we have been going! Wish there was one in St. John's!

Awelch007 about 1 month ago

Bangin' Shrimp

The Bangin' shrimp taco is a classic and my absolute favorite thing on the menu, and it's hard to choose because I love everything... I sometimes order it on a lettuce wrap but it's perfection either way! The shrimp are extra crispy and covered in the best bangin sauce. So many places try to duplicate this taco or the shrimp and they fail big time.. as far as I'm concerned this dish should be at the top of everyone's list. I am salivating just thinking about it now.. go getcha some!

Jennifer 5 days ago

The $10 Taco

This is by far the best taco I've ever ate. I never been to taco lus before until my friend invited me to lunch and I have to say, every time I come here, I always order this taco along with the blackened mahi mahi taco. I love Taco Lus and this place has a great atmosphere and great menu and drink options. My boyfriend and I always come here, no doubt. And before we get to Taco Lus, we always know ahead of time what we are gonna order. We always say if we're going anywhere else that's on Beach Blvd, we might as well be wasting our money but instead we end up going to our favorite place. I'm glad we both like it. You won't be disappointed after you try the $10 taco. The steak itself is so mouthwatering. I'm always pleased whenever I finish my taco.

Eereich93 9 days ago

After Dinner

Delicious! Great service

Musiq 12 days ago


It's so good. The chorizo is a must. I dont think I have ever come to TacoLu and not ordered the Queso.

Aprilzaevi 13 days ago

Bangin' Tempeh

Love that they have so many vegan options! I always get the baggin tempeh tacos, had it today and it was awesome! Everything at tacolu is always super fresh and extremely flavorful. The salsa has to be my favorite thing.. it's a tiny bit spicy yet mild and garlicky. The margaritas are fantastic and usually I end up with about 3 of them. The bar is fully stocked with any kind of tequila you could ever dream of. And the servers are always friendly and upbeat. We even ran in to one our favorite servers Katrina today who brought her brand new baby in for a visit. Definitely check them out they have an amazing brunch menu during the weekends also.

Alliebrooks2898 15 days ago

Blackened Mahi

The blackened mahi tacos are magical!! It's perfectly seasoned, cooked, and the toppings really bring it all together! Best fish tacos ever!

Juliacjwarren 18 days ago

Bangin' Shrimp

We love Taco Lu's! We literally have driven from our home in Richmond, Va to Jacksonville because no ones Bangin Shrimp or Fish tacos compare to Taco Lu's. We've been making the drive since they were on the smaller place when a relative introduced us to Taco Lu's! Relative is no longer there, but we travel as often as possible to have those incomparable Taco Lu's tacos!!!

Jtstuckey1 20 days ago

The Carne Royale

If you take a bite of this taco and then put it on top of your head your tongue will beat your brains out trying to get to it!!!!! It is the best thing I have every eaten. Carne Asada brie cheese and grape salsa Absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Emily 20 days ago


Love this taco and the perfect flavor to make this one of the stand outs!

Jbudke8 24 days ago

Blackened Scallop

I work up the street from TacoLu and every single time I come alone or with friends the food, energy and people are outstanding! The blackened scallop and bangin' shrimp tacos are amongst my personal favorites but I have yet to try something I didn't like. Everything has full flavor and the staff is always amazing.

Rph5088 25 days ago

Baja Fish Taco

This is by far the best Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville!! All of their meats, seafood and topping are top notch and as fresh as you can hope for!!! I've came here multiple times and have never once been unsatisfied, and on top of it their margaritas, including the house margarita is by far one of my favorites I've ever had! I'd you are looking for a solid mexican restaurant look NO WHERE ELSE besides taco Lou,you will not be be disappointed!!!

Dartysmith 25 days ago

The Carne Royale

This is hands-down the best taco I've ever eaten! The brie and grape salsa make it very unique!

Mike 25 days ago

The Taco Rosa

Every taco is amazing but The Taco Rosa is by far the best! Along with the $10 Taco. Bangin Shrimp. Carne Asada. Everything on the menu is delicious! By far the best place to eat in Luuuuuuval

Alison 25 days ago

The $10 Taco

Best steak taco in town. Period.

Sally 27 days ago


My favorite staple! Cannot go wrong with this simple & delicious taco.

Yankeeguy652 27 days ago

Blackened Scallop

it's rare that I stray from my usual but the waitress serving us recommended the scallop tacos. They were delicious and now a new favorite of mine! Queso and salsa are dynamite!

Ashley 28 days ago

Carne Asada

This place is Amazing'! All the food is great! Love the Ten dollar taco! 🌮

Spencerbrown1211 about 1 month ago


Most amazing tacos ever!

Tammiehowe01 about 1 month ago

Bangin' Shrimp

This place is absolutely amazing. My family from Maryland came to visit and they actually wanted to eat there every night. I live near the town center where there is nothing but restaurants, but TacoLu is there #1 place here in Jacksonville. Thanks so much for the service and the great food!


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