This morning is much like each morning since mid-March.  Morning Cru arrives and begins setting up the parking lot, the tents, the computer terminals, the payment tablets, while two people post-up in a chair, next to a phone and in front of one those computer terminals.  In about a half hour, the phones will begin to ring and we begin the dance of the Takeaway restaurant that we've become--for better or worse!  on the worse side, you've got the busy signal issue on the phones.  We've had two phone lines for this operation for 12 years, and until about two months ago, it was one too many! Now, i could use several more, but the uncertainty of this entire situation keeps us from adding more lines because at first, we thought that any day we would be shut down, and now, with phase 1 of reopening Florida already two weeks behind us, we could very well be on our way to having guests in the dining rooms again.  The fact of the matter (ours) is that we're still completing projects inside these walls that keep us from attempting to have 25% occupancy.  We refinished the bar and we're really doing a number onto patio out back. New patio furniture, and treating the aging decking out there will really make an impact--once finished that will make being back outside that much more comfortable