Check this out!! It's all new!!!

We launched a new website a few weeks ago. Popmenu brings some real interactive stuff for us.  I can add menu items, or specials, or cocktails as I walk to my car, if I need to!!  So, hopefully, I'll be able to update often and on time!

2020 is upon us.  I'm catching up from the whirlwind of the holidays, fighting to get my life back on track for the new year.  TPC is a scant few weeks away, and that's a huge thing for TacoLu as we bring our version of the restaurant behind the 12th hole at the Player's Championship!  Tacos on Twelve is in it's 7th year and getting more and more fun.  What's better than a margarita and a taco while you're out watching the best players in the world??

If you're seeing this post, and haven't seen the new website, take a look at and see what's new on the menu, and everything else happening here at the Lu!