Where It All Began

Just the tiny taco shack that could! Memories from our first location just up the street!

making of the new lu!

Here are all the in-process shots as we converted the Old Homestead into our newer, bigger location.

The New Digs

Check out photos from our new location at the Old Homestead Restaurant.

tacos for tatas Brushed bold event

Photos from our Tacos for Tata's Brushed Bold event held on October 6, 2014 to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Killer video of the mural 

watch this Time Lapse of this of Jessica Becker painting the mural at the Old Homestead! It's 6 weeks of work boiled down to 2 minutes!


Each Spring, the Murray Bros throw a party in St Augustine.  in 2015, TacoLu was lucky to have the Bangin' Bus out on the 14th tee where each group got to eat tacos and drink tequila as they played through...  It was a seriously crazy couple of days!  


More galleries coming soon!!