Summer Wrap-Up and Events For The Fall

Summer was awesome. Our second summer in the old Homestead and it was truly better than the first. The patio is looking great; it's getting to be THAT time of year out there. We celebrated our 6th anniversary over a rainy weekend in July. The rain doused our plans of a grand Masquerade Ball, complete with all kinds of acrobatic, aerobatic and all around Fun-o-Matic, but it didn't douse a great time inside and under the the tents outside!

6 years! wow. Henry has spent HALF of his life wandering around this place and Lucy, 2/3 of hers... It's a big part of all our lives and it has been a fantastic trip! 

We FINALLY received our Herradura Barrel--the Double Barrel Reposado, and it's one of our best to date! We also had the opportunity to taste and choose a Single Barrel Reposado from Milagro and that also arrived recently. Both tequilas are featured as a cocktail and a really nice sipper (which is the way I recommend drinking it)!

The TacoLu Bangin' Shrimp Bus has hit the road this summer, after a bumpy start this spring. Technical issues, electrical issues, LP gas issues... just about every kind of issue has popped up and we've survived them all (haven't necessarily fixed them all). 

Coming up in September is the Tour Championship at the Valley Course at TPC, We'll be there with the Bangin' Bus, selling Tacos at the Turn! We're very excited to be back at Sawgrass for this event!

In October, we’re back on the 26.2 with Donna, teaming up again with LuLuLemon for a great fund raiser! The fall is filling up fast! We have Caring Chefs--a great event that I’ve been able to be a part of since 1999. 

Jags football! Concerts! Surfing! BikeWeek!! what am I missing!! 

We’ll talk again soon!!