Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with us on November 1st and 2nd!

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a CELEBRATION of Friends and Loved ones who have passed! It’s not a time to mourn or worship the dead. We CELEBRATE the lives of those who have gone before us, and we invite you to come and celebrate with us!

Dia de los Muertos originated centuries ago in Mexico, and is still widely celebrated. People around the world are drawn to the concept and imagery of Mexico's Day of the Dead; the holiday seems to continually gain in popularity as more people learn about it. It is a festive, joyous time of celebration. It is Mexico's most important holiday, which means they invest a lot of time, money and preparation into the celebration, more-so than any other holiday.

For those who did not grow up in a culture that celebrates such a holiday, these practices and rituals might seem odd. But bear in mind that in the US, it is common for people to visit the graves of their family members and friends who have left this earth; to leave flowers and to reconnect with their loved ones. Dia de los Muertos is similar to this common American practice--so you can see that the Day of the Dead is not a big stretch to understand! 

Dia de los Muertos allows the dead to live again. During this time it is believed that the deceased return to their earthly homes to visit and rejoice with their loved ones. The Days of the Dead are celebrated as a way of retaining connections with the unseen world, a world we will all return to one day.

TacoLu will celebrate Dia de los Muertos on Saturday, November 1st. Throughout the last 6 years, we have collected the pictures, stuffed animals, keys, and memories of many of our friends and loved-ones, and placed them on our altar in the Fireplace room. Please join us for an amazing day of remembering and reflecting on November 1st. Bring in a picture or something that will honor your family member or friend while “passing through,” and put it up on the altar. Debbie’s Grandpa would want a pack of Dentyne gum! It was his favorite and he always had a pack in his pocket, so we place it in front of his picture on the altar. Each year we place a pack of cigarettes for Don’s Aunt Mary. Get it? It’s a great way to connect and celebrate!!!

Kids and adults will be able to paint sugar skulls for display at the Lu, or to take home. We will have a special Dia de los Muertos Margarita! Our Staff will have their faces painted to celebrate.

We have lost some pretty amazing people throughout our 6 years at TacoLu, and we think of them all often, but during Dia de los Muertos, we especially honor them and welcome them back. If only for the Holiday.