the SUPERKATE event!

A Fundraiser for #TeamKate is on!!! Tuesday December 9

Kate Amato is a spunky nine-year old girl (only days away from  being 10!!) who lives with her parents Jeff and Lisa, brother Jack and sister Caroline.  On July 24, they received the devastating news that Kate is facing a battle with Cancer.  Kate was diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer called metastatic alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that attacks skeletal muscles. That’s a big mouthful, forsure. Not easy to say, and certainly not easy to swallow!  

Even if you aren’t a parent of a beautiful 10 year old girl, it’s difficult to think of how this has disrupted an entire family’s lives... Especially if you’re the parent of a beautiful 10 year old girl, it’s even more difficult to hear this story and not be overcome by emotion at the fight this little lady has put on...  What a SuperStar!!!  

This fight comes with a huge financial cost.  Forget that Lisa, Kate’s mother, has stopped working to be with Kate and help her fight every step of the way--the medical costs are exorbitant. Jeff (Kate's dad) and Lisa can't work (due to intensity of Kate’s chemo schedule); her brother is severely autistic and has his own medical, educational, and therapy needs (to the tune of $40,000 per year), and they are fighting to save Kate's life-and they need the resources to do it.

Here are the facts, updated, thanks to an email from Lisa this morning:

1. Kate is currently on an FDA approved protocol (40 weeks). IF it does not work, THEN the we will have to pursue experimental treatments elsewhere. (Out of pocket)

2. She is receiving a Neulasta shot after every inpatient chemo treatment. (10 total in protocol) They cost between $4000-$7000 and often insurance will not cover it. As of November, we didn’t know if insurance would pay. Insurance covered 6 of them, but the we are on the hook for 4 in the spring.

We can help cover the cost.  You can, too!

Tuesday, December 9th is a big day for Kate at TacoLu.  We are having a party out on the patio--it’s a birthday party!  Kate’s turning 10 and we’re throwing her a party and raising money to defer the cost of her treatments. 


Introducing the SuperKate Margarita will be none other than Jaime Salas, Global Ambassador for William Grant and Sons, but more specifically Milagro Tequila.  Jaime travels the world and delivers the goods on one of our favorite Tequilas--Milagro!  Deb and I have had the good fortune to get to know Jaime quite well over the years and he has offered to create a margarita in Kate’s name and will be guest bartending during the event.  It's always great to have Jaime around--many of you met him last year when he hosted our Cocktail Classic at TacoLu--guiding us through the art of making tequila cocktails!

Milagro, is Spanish for



A minimum (and minimal) donation of $25 gets you in the door (or at least to the Patio), but you’re not limited to $25; you could donate thousands of dollars!!  After you meet Kate, you’ll probably want to do just that!!  

This sweet girl has another round of Chemotherapy on Friday, so by Tuesday, she’ll be ready to join us out on the patio with some of her friends and celebrate her birthday!!


The SuperKate margarita is available all night.  It will be fantastic and is only $8!


Every cent of that is going to #TeamKate.  


We’re going to celebrate Kate’s 10th birthday with a great margarita and some great food and some really nice Dos Equis beer as well.  All donations to enter the party--all SuperKate margaritas and Dos Equis sales are going into one big, fat pile for Kate! 


                              That smile!  If this face doesn't say something about how tough this little lady is, I don't know what else could!! 

                              That smile!  If this face doesn't say something about how tough this little lady is, I don't know what else could!! 

Tuesday, December 9th  5:30 pm

until we decide to stop!


In subsequent posts, I’ll be far more brief, but i hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule to come and enjoy some food, fun and new cocktails to help us raise money for this family that is putting up the fight of their lives!