'Tis the Season!

Tis the season, indeed.  

So much going on around here these days--where do I start?   How about with the Holidays?

Thanksgiving is here, and that blows my mind...  We will be celebrating two years in these fancy digs, that we will forever refer to as "the old Homestead".  Two years already!  I remember it well...

We were open at the old location on Sunday; closed at 10pm. We moved our stuff to the NuLu after closing—you know, decorations, a few glasses and plates—till about 5 am. Back at NuLu at 8 am to get ready for State inspection so we could have Friends and Family Monday evening and then open for Business as Usual on Tuesday. Thank goodness it was Thanksgiving Day on Thursday, we all got a very much needed break!

Just over two years ago, Jessica was CRUSHING this wall and was finished weeks before we were ready open!

Debbie, explaining to Josh why she has to put these tiles in a specific order.  He's not buying it.

Things to be aware of:

On Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the 25th to be exact, we are celebrating our 2nd year in the old Homestead... It's gonna be a fun night with anniversary specials and HOPEFULLY the fun aerialists that got rained out on our big anniversary party last summer!

#teamkate (https://www.facebook.com/support.TeamKateis the recipient of a big day here at the Lu.  We are throwing-down on December 9th with a private event (Don't freak out; you are invited--tickets will be on sale soon) out on the patio.  Milagro's Global Brand Ambassador, Jaime Salas, will be in attendance, doing some staff training by day and guest bartending/introducing some new stuff from Milagro throughout the night! Jaime's most important task is to introduce the #TeamKate Margarita (aka the SuperKate Special) which is going to raise a lot of money for #TeamKate and her family, who have dropped everything in order to help her fight this cancer! The SuperKate Special is gonna run through December!

Don’t want to wait? You can help this tough little cookie right now by visiting https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/2r55/amato and donating some much needed funds!

Don't forget~~  

We're closed Thanksgiving Day--perhaps we'll see you at Pete's!!  


Stay tuned for more info on the #NuLuis2 event and definitely for the TacoLu SuperKate event on December 9th!

Say hi to Kate!  

Say hi to Kate!